Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Leek, Bacon and Pea Risotto

So I decided I needed to find another recipe for bacon and use leeks.  This recipe stuck as sounding interesting so I figured I would try it tweaked.

So how I tweaked this recipe: I didn't have arborio rice to make risotto but wanted a similar flavour profile so I ditched the white wine and lemon juice, switched the rice to jasmine basmati, added 2/3 package of bacon chopped and cooked and also upped the quantity of Parmesan cheese.

This went over well with everyone and because I precooked the leeks to soften before adding they seemed to melt into the pot and the kid resistant to onions didn't even notice them and actually ate a large bowl.  I also found this meal to be delicious as a side later or simply as a lunch. Delicious!