Sunday, 12 January 2014

K Bars

So KBARS aren't a huge secret or anything but are always loved by everyone who gets them.  They have been made by my mother for many years and have been passed on to me and my brothers.  In my time making them I have tweaked the process a bit to make it easier for me and mine but the overall ingredients haven't changed.   What I then did is decided to tweak it.  I will detail my original recipe than my little tweak. 😊

6 cups original Special K cereal
1 cup peanut butter (mom uses chunky but I like smooth)
1 cup white sugar 
1 cup corn syrup
1 bag of semi sweet chocolate chips
1 bag of butterscotch chips

Tweak ingredients : 
3/4 cup of finely chopped raw almonds
Dash of almond oil

Put cereal in large bowl.  Mix syrup, sugar and peanut butter on low heat in saucepan stirring must watch this as it burns very easily and is hard to clean off pan if burned.  Pour over the cereal and while hot use spatula to coat all cereal with hot mix.  Once coated evenly (do it fast as it hardens quickly) pour into pan(s) and use spatula to crush it into the pan....if it starts cooling enough I use my clean fingers to press it down tightly.
 For this I used two round 8" pans but I usually use my 9" springform pan for cakes as it's easier to take out and cut.  I used these pans this time so I could make a batch of regular and tweaked at the same time for tasting purposes.

At this point I then put the chocolate and butterscotch in a double boiler and heat until melted and combined.  I pour this chocolate over the top of the cereal and put in the fridge to set.  

My tweaks: when mixing cereal with the hot syrup mixture I added finely chopped almonds into the cereal first.  I then added a dash of almond oil to the chocolate mixture for added almond taste.
I also added a few raw almonds to the top of the one with almonds so I could tell which was which.

"I didn't notice a huge difference but it still tasted good"
"This is awesome!"
"I loved how it wasn't too powerful to take away from the original flavours but just added an extra hint of almond to the complexity of it"

All in all either way this is made it was a success. Cheers!

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