Monday, 30 December 2013

Exciting new ingredient project

I plan to continue my journey in tweaking tested recipes and sharing delicious other ones but came up with an idea for the new year.  I am going to start a series on ingredients and how versatile they can be.  I have selected two ingredients and am in search of two more.  How this will work is once per months. Will search and find and create one recipe with each ingredient then blog about my experiences with this ingredient and recipes.  I pride myself that my family really enjoys trying new recipes and there are just so many out there.  I think 12 different dishes made with each ingredients over a year seems like a reasonable project.  If I keep the plan to what I hope I will make one dish per week with a new recipe.  I am positive some recipes will fail but at least I will have tried it and explored new things.  In this process I encourage if you find a recipe you think we may like please send it my way! I will take a look before deciding on the weekly project.

I am looking forward to this and am going to research the four ingredients this week to finalize them.
I have decided I am interested in trying Pumpkin year round to see its versatility so this is ingredient #1.  Ingredient #2 is Cinnamon as per hubby's request he things that would make for some interesting recipes.  I am also thinking of either Artichokes or Leeks but haven't decided yet.  Suggestions are welcome but note the ingredient must be readily available in odometer form year round for this to work.

Cheers from my home to yours!

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